About Us/ Privacy Policy

The information collected in Business Edge’s database is for internal use only. Business Edge does not sell or distribute its customer list to third-party marketing or advertising companies under any circumstances.

Your credit card information IS NOT STORED IN BUSINESS EDGE’s FILES, but all of the other information you provide is kept on file in case (1) we need to contact you regarding your order or (2) we face a circulation audit. (The latter is done especially to prove that we have not manipulated our circulation numbers.)

The only people at Business Edge who have open access to our circulation customer’s files are the circulation department, to keep our delivery manifest accurate and up-to-date, and the marketing department, where we keep the information should a reader survey need to be compiled. We may infrequently make our database available to a third-party auditing company or the Business Edge advertising department.

We keep our customer information on file for as long as they maintain a subscription with Business Edge. But we also retain it in our records for at least three years after they stop, since some audits require that we can go back several years.

Once a record is deemed “obsolete,” (approx. 3-4 years after last delivery date) we delete it from our files. There are no hardcopy records of our files kept anywhere.

For further information about this policy, please feel free to contact our Circulation Co-ordinator, McKinnley Prince (“subscriptions” then the “at” symbol here and “businessedge.ca”) or our Publisher, Rob Driscoll (“driscoll” then the “at” symbol here and “businessedge.ca”), both available at 403.769.9359.

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