REDEV Properties project offers estimated 16% after-tax return

Here’s a special investment opportunity, the kind that doesn't happen along every day. Or every week.

Or every month.

It’s a unique invitation to join forces with one of Canada’s most experienced urban investors: REDEV Properties Ltd.

REDEV is a highly sophisticated investment company that has built more than 11,000 condo and highrise units – valued at more than $1.2 billion – in Canada since it entered the market two decades ago.

REDEV knows real estate like nobody’s business. And in recent months, REDEV’s reconnaissance scouts have been scouring the Canadian real estate market with a fine-tooth comb. They've been searching for a property purchase ideally suited to generate rapid – and reliable – cash flow.

REDEV president Richard Crenian is convinced his team has found it in northeast Calgary.

It’s Castleridge Plaza, a thriving, 74,000-sq.-ft. shopping plaza situated at McKnight Boulevard and 52nd Street N.E.

The plaza is anchored by prominent national retail tenants, including SAAN Stores Ltd., Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, that enjoy a national profile. And it sits directly adjacent to a busy Safeway food store, which generates robust spinoff trade for plaza tenants.

“You actually become a partner in the plaza ownership group,” explained Ron Aitkens, president of Harvest Capital Management Inc.

Mr. Aitken’s company is acting as Toronto-based REDEV’s distribution agent.

“You’ll take part in the proportionate distribution of Castleridge Plaza’s income – money that goes straight into your pocket,” he said.

And this is prime commercial property, not some shabby strip mall in need of repairs and crying for occupants. No, 13-year-old Castleridge Plaza generates REAL revenue. And its daily operations are overseen by Humford Management Inc., one of the best property managers in Alberta.

This clean, vibrant plaza is home to 30 or more lessors and runs an average 98 per cent occupancy rate.

REDEV is encouraging potential investment partners to step up now to take advantage of what Mr. Crenian and his executive team believe is an extremely low-risk investment in this blistering-hot real estate market.

By the way, this sweet, safe offering isn’t restricted to the so-called Big Players.

For as little as $25,000, you can be part of this exciting enterprise.

What do you get for your money? Cold hard cash. And it pours into your pocket four times a year.

REDEV projects an estimated minimum 16 per cent return on your investment. That’s AFTER tax.

“With the stock markets so unpredictable, billions of dollars have begun to flow into real estate,” explained Mr. Aitkens. “But some of these investments aren't as safe as people seem to think.

“But Mr. Crenian believes cash is king. That’s why he’s approaching investors with this opportunity.”

At an average 16 per cent after-tax-paid return per year, investors should recoup nearly all of their original investment in as little as five years. Once that milestone is under your belt, the rest is gravy.

Mr. Crenian is excited about Castleridge Plaza for a variety of good reasons.

First, the retail businesses that call the plaza home are in for the long haul. You won’t find fragile operations here – no spas, or trendy boutiques, doomed to fall by the wayside when economic trends hit a downward cycle. Instead, you’ll find long- established coffee shops that area residents have been patronizing for years. You'll find a rock-solid medical clinic and dental practice, a veterinarian and a travel agent.

These are core enterprises that have stood the test of time. Most are virtually immune to intermittent economic downturns.

Then, too, the plaza sits near the vortex of a dense population base. And Castleridge Plaza draws a sizable retail following from each of the nearby communities.

This is not a highly leveraged investment, as it already has 40 per cent equity already in place.

Here are two more attractive points about the Castleridge Plaza proposition. As general partner, REDEV Properties assumes responsiblity for full liability.

Meanwhile, Castleridge Plaza tenants have signed a triple-net lease agreement, meaning they take responsibility for upkeep and repairs. So you’re off the hook.

Mr. Crenian and Mr. Aitkens expect this offering to be sold out by mid-December, so the onus is on you to get after this compelling opportunity.

Telephone Mr. Aitkens at 403.327.6090 or try the toll free line: 1.888.636.3276.

For more information on REDEV, access website: