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By now, most of us have heard of factoring, also known as accounts-receivable financing.

It has become a highly effective way for business owners and executives to inject cash and emerge from cash-flow crises without negatively affecting the core business.

Alberta-based capitalNOW has become a leader in helping Western Canadian companies through factoring. In so doing, they have also created an exceptional investment opportunity.

Art Smith of capitalNOW explains the business model:... Keep Reading

Lyons now pride of Guardian Risk Managers

Jamie Lyons has been hired as president of Guardian Risk Managers Ltd. After spending the last 13 years with Guy Carpenter & Company in Toronto, Lyons was most recently managing director and part of the Canadian senior management team. GRM is a leading MGA provider of commercial lines and niche personal line products to more than 500 brokerages across Canada. Lyons will oversee all aspects of the organization and will be in charge of development and... Keep Reading

Volume 16, Issue 1

Gold has definitely not lost its lustre

Gold has definitely not lost its lustre

Here is an interesting question: what is the best-performing commodity of the last 20 years?

You might think energy – oil or natural gas. Maybe you think food – soybeans or pork or fertilizer. Perhaps you think something more unusual – lithium or diamonds.

All of those ideas are incorrect. The best-performing commodity of the last 20 years is gold. And that performance is despite gold’s reliable downturns – the yellow metal regularly gives up half its gains before advancing... Keep Reading

Eric Watson, COO of MasterBUILT Hotels

While studying engineering at the University of Calgary, Eric Watson picked up an unusual nickname from his classmates. They called him Wall Street Watson because of his fascination with financial statements, quarterly reports. balance sheets, bulls and bears. That strong interest eventually led him away from physical science and pointed him in new career directions, including venture capital and real estate investment. As chief operating officer of Calgary-based MasterBUILT Hotels, one of the... Keep Reading

Volume 14, Issue 7

Lori Schmidt, CEO of GO Productivity

Lori Schmidt, CEO of GO Productivity

During the 10 years she spent as a consultant in the private sector, Lori Schmidt learned what she believes to be the two most important lessons of her professional life: Attach yourself to top-notch mentors and pay close attention to the advice they dish out.

“I’ve been blessed in my career to find people who encouraged me in whatever I was doing. They helped me to develop a focus on strong planning processes. And not just one plan. You need a plan B, C and D, in case things go awry.”... Keep Reading

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