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Volume 16, Issue 2

BC Real estate: Beyond common knowledge

There has been a lot of media splash and excitement recently about the real estate market in the Metro Vancouver area.

Stories abound over the market being severely affected by the recent 15% tax on foreign buyers. This tax did indeed have a temporary effect on prices for homes in the greater Vancouver area, and had a much more significant impact on areas such as Surrey, where in some examples we saw a 15% drop in sale prices (not that significant in the big picture).

Sellers and... Keep Reading

Alberta’s real estate sector is resilient. It is full of smart, well-capitalized companies familiar with Alberta’s economic cycles.

The players have changed substantially over the past 10 years with more national and international players backed by institutional money. Developers today play Calgary and Edmonton as part of Canadian and/or international portfolios. However, new political dimensions are testing the industry’s mettle. Is industry prepared for new factors for... Keep Reading

Volume 15, Issue 3

While Alberta reverses, B.C. and Ontario continue real estate surge

While Alberta reverses, B.C. and Ontario continue real estate surge

The Canadian housing market is off to a very strong start to 2016, having registered the highest sales levels since 2007.

Fully 75% of local Canadian real estate markets are experiencing year over year sales growth.

While the Alberta and Saskatchewan real estate markets (for example, Calgary price drops almost 3.5 percent in February over February 2015 and Saskatoon dips nearly 3 percent) suffer the brunt of the oil price collapse, most of the rest of Canada is doing just fine.

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Volume 15, Issue 2

Vancouver has sold its soul to real estate

A common complaint of new arrivals to British Columbia is the cost of Vancouver housing. Buying a rudimentary single-family home is approaching $1.5 million.

The sky-high pricing is becoming normalized in a funny way, with young couples approaching both sets of parents for down-payment cash, and eagerly signing up basement-suite renters before offers have been accepted.

Well here’s a wake-up call:

Vancouver isn’t an alpha city like London, Paris or New York. In fact, many long-term... Keep Reading

National home sales ‘holding fairly stable’: CREA

Home sales improved in more than half of all local markets from February to March, led by gains in Greater Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Calgary, Greater Toronto, Montreal, Saskatoon, Hamilton-Burlington and Kitchener-Waterloo.

“National sales have been holding fairly stable since last summer,” said CREA president Laura Leyser. “We’ll be watching closely as the spring market picks up to see whether the March sales increase marks the beginning of an improving trend. In the meantime, it’s... Keep Reading

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