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So, when it comes to our technology products, small and portable is what we like. While most of us use mobile phones (82 per cent), laptops, used by two-thirds (66 per cent), have surpassed the standard desktop computer (60 per cent) and 17 per cent of us are already using tablets. Given the multiplicity of devices in use, it becomes increasingly important for brands to have an online presence that is optimized for computers, tablets and mobile phones alike. Once upon a time, that would have... Keep Reading

“Canada has a long history of conducting research, performing technical services and developing technology solutions to support the Canadian aerospace industry,” said Jerzy Komorowski, general manager of the aerospace portfolio at the NRC. “These new programs target challenges faced by the global aerospace sector.”

Two of the programs focus on improving travellers’ safety and comfort. One aims to create a more comfortable and safe journey for air-travel passengers and crew members by... Keep Reading

Sales reps for these sites, undoubtedly working on commission, are quick to point to a new opportunity to reach tens of thousands of potential customers. On the flip side, there are tales of small businesses going under because they sold so many cheap deals they couldn’t afford to honour them.

A series of academic papers (see Web watch) by Rice University business professor Utpal
Dholakia sheds some light on how well businesses fare when they offer group-buying discounts. For the latest... Keep Reading

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