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Volume 16, Issue 2

Business travel technology smarts

Business travelers have gotten pretty complacent about travelling with their electronics. Need to finish that important presentation? No problem, there is power and probably even Wi-Fi on the plane. Want a friend or an Uber to pick you up at the airport? No drama, just take your phone off airplane mode as soon as you land and your ride will be awaiting. Those golden days may be ending.

While it’s unlikely that we will be forced to fly naked anytime soon, and that is indeed a horrible image... Keep Reading

Volume 15, Issue 3

Proper use of technology critical in making of snow and money

Proper use of technology critical in making of snow and money

The next time you go racing down the hill on your skis or snowboard, give a thought to the folks who were out in the middle of the night grooming those runs. Or the folks who pay the electric bills to power that high tech snowmaking gear. And don’t forget the mechanical and electronic technology folks who make all this possible.

Andrew Cradduck is the guy who keeps the snow just right at Panorama Mountain Resort in British Columbia. As Director of Mountain Operations he commands the... Keep Reading

Volume 15, Issue 2

Professor Madison gives us lesson on data journalism

The unprecedented and titillating leak of data from Ashley Madison’s corporate servers produced the expected first reaction. Everybody who could get access to the file (it was not difficult) looked up their spouse, their ex, their boss, probably even their kids’ schoolteachers.

Most people agree that, nasty as their cheating business was, it was legal. So Ashley Madison (AM) was the victim of a crime when their data was exfiltrated (a fancy word for stolen) from their computers. This is... Keep Reading

Volume 15, Issue 1

Anything You Tweet May be Held Against You

Wikileaks has been busy lately. They have been lovingly posting, cataloguing and indexing 30,287 documents and 173,132 emails stolen from Sony Pictures.

If you ever needed proof that Hollywood bigwigs are petty, nasty, venal and downright stupid, you will find it here. Just pop in the name of your favourite star and see all the catty comments made about him or her. Or read the racially insensitive remarks that moguls Amy Pohler and Scott Rudin made about Barack Obama.

While entertaining,... Keep Reading

Volume 14, Issue 6

Presenting lessons from Data Breach Hell

Everyone from Home Depot to Hollywood starlets seems to be having trouble with data breaches. Whether it’s customer credit cards or nude selfies, the hackers seem to be helping themselves to our electronic information, almost at will.

Sometimes, the problem really is beyond our control. If you made a purchase at Home Depot while they were vulnerable, you put your trust in their security measures. The only effective defense against having your credit card info stolen was to pay cash.... Keep Reading

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