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Volume 16, Issue 2

Entrepreneur Elias Taps Triggers to Sales Success

Entrepreneur Elias Taps Triggers to Sales Success

Craig Elias has discovered a unique approach to building business over the years.

He does this by turning more prospects into loyal customers through the harnessing of trigger events to repeatedly get to the right people at exactly the right time.

Elias, the creator of Trigger Event Selling™, and the Chief Catalyst of SHiFT Selling, Inc., is a highly sought- after speaker and trainer, delivering unique, compelling and relevant content.

Elias helps people identify the specific Trigger... Keep Reading

Volume 16, Issue 1

Transplanted Scot has a brave heart

Transplanted Scot has a brave heart

As a child role-playing with his nine siblings in the hills of northern Scotland, Ed Torrance favoured freedom-fighting icon Sir William Wallace.Decades later, after losing his cherished oldest brother to a battle with a work-related illness, Torrance turned his heavy, brave heart to crusading for improvements in Canada’s health, safety and environment (HSE) field. The sword Torrance brandishes each day is his fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which ultimately saves lives by... Keep Reading

Surveillance Shop soars to new heights

As far back as he can remember, Curtis Dyck never nursed any entrepreneurial ambitions. He played high school football and generally enjoyed himself while he was growing up. But once he started getting serious about life, he really put the pedal to the metal. He’s a natural organizer with a deeply rooted work ethic which has helped him build a super-successful security business and has enabled him to beat out enormous corporate competitors for important contracts on a regular basis. Since... Keep Reading