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Widespread commodity price declines will depress the national economy through this year and probably

The ongoing decline in commodity prices has hit Canada’s economy hard, depressing incomes, and triggering layoffs and capital spending cuts.

The U.S.-dollar prices of most internationally traded commodity products have slipped, hammering hundreds of resource companies and their suppliers, and hurting business and consumer confidence across swaths of the country.

It is important to realize that the commodity carnage is not restricted to oil. It is also affecting natural gas, coal, base... Keep Reading

Volume 15, Issue 3

Do you see it? That’s the real estate elephant and he’s in the room

Do you see it? That’s the real estate elephant and he’s in the room

I don’t think a single Canadian would deny that, in the last 12 to 18 months, there have been drastic changes to our economy. Job security or even just HAVING a job can no longer be taken for granted.

Chances are someone you know has had wages cut or lost their job altogether. Current and foreseeable economic conditions make finding a new job difficult. Payments become increasingly hard, if not impossible, to make. With this in mind, serious questions need to be asked even though it’s... Keep Reading

Volume 15, Issue 3

Guaranteed sick time good policy and smart business

A food handler going to work with a cough, a parent sending their sick child to school or an emergency room nurse making snap decisions through the fog of a flu. It doesn’t take a medical degree to appreciate the counterproductive consequences of these decisions, yet far too often these are the stories of our patients and countless others like them. For far too many, struggling to make ends meet, afraid to lose even a day’s pay – going to work sick is the only choice they have.

... Keep Reading

Volume 15, Issue 3

The trouble with being the boss and the board

The best thing about going into business for yourself is that you can do whatever you want. The worst thing about going into business for yourself is … you can do whatever you want.

The point is the freedom of becoming an entrepreneur also often brings the freedom to neglect responsibilities that no CEO or general manager who reported to a board of directors or shareholders would be able to get away with.

Many of the companies in the $3-20-millon range of annual revenue are just a few... Keep Reading

Volume 14, Issue 6

Being small does not mean acting small

It’s time. Whether through personal choice or circumstance you have made the decision to start a small business.

Next comes the reality check, where you realize that along with the new-found control and freedom, the responsibility to oversee everything from sales, production and client relations, to making sure there is ample supply of coffee and paper clips, is squarely on your shoulders. For the most part, the mdays of assistants, support staff and department heads are going to be a... Keep Reading

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