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76% of people who search on their smartphones for something nearby visit a business within a day

28% of those searches for something nearby result in a purchase.

Google/Purchased Digital Diary: How Consumers Solve Their Needs in the Moment, May 2016. Smartphone users = 1000, local searchers = 634, purchases = 1,140

If you own a small or medium business and have given up on the idea of having a digital marketing campaign that consistently drives foot traffic to your place of... Keep Reading

Volume 16, Issue 1

Gold has definitely not lost its lustre

Gold has definitely not lost its lustre

Here is an interesting question: what is the best-performing commodity of the last 20 years?

You might think energy – oil or natural gas. Maybe you think food – soybeans or pork or fertilizer. Perhaps you think something more unusual – lithium or diamonds.

All of those ideas are incorrect. The best-performing commodity of the last 20 years is gold. And that performance is despite gold’s reliable downturns – the yellow metal regularly gives up half its gains before advancing... Keep Reading

Your definitive glossary for the economic downturn

Your  definitive  glossary for the economic downturn

Tough times, they are upon us. Job losses abound, wages are being frozen or cut, and in many sectors it is virtually impossible to get hired.

Fret not, friends. I am here to help.

I have been through the toughest of times. There was the time in Grade 9 when I told my parents that I was no longer interested in attending weekly Catholic mass. Their synchronized response “Well, then I guess you are no longer living in this house” did not deter me whatsoever . . . until I ended my holdout... Keep Reading

Volume 15, Issue 3

Proper use of technology critical in making of snow and money

Proper use of technology critical in making of snow and money

The next time you go racing down the hill on your skis or snowboard, give a thought to the folks who were out in the middle of the night grooming those runs. Or the folks who pay the electric bills to power that high tech snowmaking gear. And don’t forget the mechanical and electronic technology folks who make all this possible.

Andrew Cradduck is the guy who keeps the snow just right at Panorama Mountain Resort in British Columbia. As Director of Mountain Operations he commands the... Keep Reading

Alberta’s real estate sector is resilient. It is full of smart, well-capitalized companies familiar with Alberta’s economic cycles.

The players have changed substantially over the past 10 years with more national and international players backed by institutional money. Developers today play Calgary and Edmonton as part of Canadian and/or international portfolios. However, new political dimensions are testing the industry’s mettle. Is industry prepared for new factors for... Keep Reading

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