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According to a UPS Canada survey, 62 per cent of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) find that e-commerce plays a critical role in their business. Findings from the Small Business Challenges survey indicate that a company’s website (64 per cent) and Facebook (40 per cent) are the most frequently used e-commerce channels.

“What we’re hearing from our customer’s corresponds with the data . . . ,” says Jim Bena, UPS Canada. “E-commerce is a prominent component of business and... Keep Reading

The annual Ceridian Pulse of Talent survey reports that small businesses, those with less than 100 employees, are faring better than larger organizations when it comes to overall employee engagement.

However, the survey indicates that more can be done to improve employee tenure, address salary concerns and refine communication. Survey respondents were interviewed regarding their perceptions of employee engagement and loyalty, recruiting, training, job security, compensation, productivity,... Keep Reading

Volume 14, Issue 6

Being small does not mean acting small

It’s time. Whether through personal choice or circumstance you have made the decision to start a small business.

Next comes the reality check, where you realize that along with the new-found control and freedom, the responsibility to oversee everything from sales, production and client relations, to making sure there is ample supply of coffee and paper clips, is squarely on your shoulders. For the most part, the mdays of assistants, support staff and department heads are going to be a... Keep Reading

Volume 14, Issue 6

Alberta dominates list of top entrepreneurial cities

Alberta continues to dominate the annual rankings of Canada’s best places to start and grow a business, holding eight of the top 10 spots among municipalities in the recent 2014 Entrepreneurial Communities report from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB),

“It’s great to see so many of Alberta’s cities land in the top 10,” says Richard Truscott, Alberta director for CFIB. “As a relative measure, these cities continue to be good places to own and operate a... Keep Reading

Surveillance Shop soars to new heights

As far back as he can remember, Curtis Dyck never nursed any entrepreneurial ambitions. He played high school football and generally enjoyed himself while he was growing up. But once he started getting serious about life, he really put the pedal to the metal. He’s a natural organizer with a deeply rooted work ethic which has helped him build a super-successful security business and has enabled him to beat out enormous corporate competitors for important contracts on a regular basis. Since... Keep Reading

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