Volume 16, Issue 1

Is the Green Economy here yet?

Is the Green Economy here yet?

The commercialization of technological innovation is a tremendous wealth creator.

Just look at IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Google: the list of companies which have created remarkable businesses riding technological waves is endless and expanding.

Apple started with computers, went big on software, pivoted to personal music devices and then Steve Jobs focused on the smart phone. In 1998, Google was founded as a search company. One among many. It evolved into a data company which... Keep Reading

Volume 16, Issue 2

Look in the mirror first – four ways you might be creating the problems you hate

If you are the main contributor to the input, make sure you start with YOU when attempting to change the output.

One of the unspoken oaths that is taken when placed in the position of “coach” at any level is the pledge to say what is on your mind no matter what. I call it the truth-serum oath.

Sometimes it really challenges perception around “customer service” because what the customer will often request is not always what the coach sees as the TRUE issue. How to balance the... Keep Reading

Volume 16, Issue 2

What’s a Canadian manufacturer to do?

Wesure has done what most businesses in Alberta have done; cut the fat and control expenses. But then what? What does a 47-year-old Alberta manufacturer with a reputation for high-quality manufacturing do? Wesure’s choice was to reinvigorate itself by upping its game and taking the opportunity to do business in a different way.

Wesure started this process by looking outward at the changing Alberta business landscape to try to understand how to best serve our current customers and,... Keep Reading

Volume 16, Issue 2

Reorganize. Or die.

How do you run a successful Canadian small business? Buy a large one and wait.

It is a classic joke that is not too far from reality looking at the current horizon of business health in Canada. Looking closely at the Globe and Mail’s “Top 1,000” Businesses in Canada shows that only 407 of them were profitable last year!

As our local and global economies shift, creating a tremendous array of opportunity, a lot of business leaders are still waiting for things to come back or turn again... Keep Reading

Volume 16, Issue 2

Hire Intelligence

Uniserve Communications names Jeffery CEO

Uniserve Communications Corporation has hired Nicholas Jeffery as its CEO. A former Director of the Data Centre Solutions group at CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate services firm, Jeffery makes the move from London, England, to Vancouver. His wife and young family will join him in the spring.

At CBRE, Jeffery was responsible for client strategy, advising data centre owners and multinational corporations on data centre... Keep Reading

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