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Issue: Volume 15, Issue 1

Featuring 20 Questions with Mark Maier, President/CEO of The Aurum Group of Companies

issue: Volume 15, Issue 1

Where has all the money gone?

If the Canadian economy were described in terms of a physical structure, the ongoing circulation of capital would be a key element in the foundation on which the balance of the structure rests. While this statement is obviously an over simplified comment on an extremely complex financial concept, it does highlight a significant obstacle that is currently impeding economic growth within Canada. Often referred to as “dead money”, Canadian companies are accumulating cash balances at a record... Keep Reading

issue: Volume 15, Issue 1

Anything You Tweet May be Held Against You

Wikileaks has been busy lately. They have been lovingly posting, cataloguing and indexing 30,287 documents and 173,132 emails stolen from Sony Pictures.

If you ever needed proof that Hollywood bigwigs are petty, nasty, venal and downright stupid, you will find it here. Just pop in the name of your favourite star and see all the catty comments made about him or her. Or read the racially insensitive remarks that moguls Amy Pohler and Scott Rudin made about Barack Obama.

While entertaining,... Keep Reading

issue: Volume 15, Issue 1

Wishes make a difference

The slogan is “Joy is a wonder drug”. That’s because every wish granted to a child with a life-threatening illness creates hope, not only for the child but for the entire family. In fact, the lives of as many as 100 people in the community can be transformed just by the fervent dream of a wish child.

Blake is just four years old and even riding a carousel is scary due to a catastrophic, progressive form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. It has left him with delayed motor skills and... Keep Reading

issue: Volume 15, Issue 1

Reaping the real rewards: Turning vacation property into income property

My real estate clients often ask my opinion about purchasing rental properties. I am definitely a fan of owning rental properties that make sense, ideally ones that are fairly low maintenance, very easy to rent and allow you to pay down your mortgage with
 someone else’s money.

Even if you are just breaking even every 
month, you are still
 building your equity in
 what is historically a great long-term investment.

Most buyers considering a rental property look at purchasing in... Keep Reading

issue: Volume 15, Issue 1

Mark Maier, President/CEO of the Aurum Group of Companies

Mark Maier, President/CEO of the Aurum Group of Companies

When a teenaged dental lab apprentice named Hans Maier first landed in Calgary from Germany during the early 1960s, his ambitions were modest: to make his way professionally in his adopted country and, hopefully, to thrive.

How did he manage? Pretty darned well, as it happens. A born go-getter, Hans wound up in charge of his employer’s dental laboratory by 1962. Within 10 more years, he had bought out his boss and partners, renaming the company Aurum (Latin for gold) Ceramic, after the... Keep Reading