Seasoned travelers can be forgiven if they feel like groaning, “been there, done that” after glancing at the latest traditional travel brochure. After a while, all the beaches, castles and casinos start to look alike.

Entrepreneurs such as Bill Lamberton, who operates Classic Canadian Tours out of Calgary, know the feeling. A veteran of Canada’s aviation industry, Lamberton has visited some of the most exotic destinations on earth – many of them within Canada’s own borders.

“It was always my ambition to introduce the people of Canada to the fabulous natural experiences this country has to offer,” recalls Lamberton, who accomplished his goal when he founded Classic Canadian Tours, organizers of the world-famous Polar Bear Safari Tours to Churchill, Man.

“Churchill is a unique Canadian community; it’s really what we’re about. Going off the beaten track and making it easy for people to come with us,” he says. October and November represent prime time for polar bear viewing, although the company also runs a summer tour to Churchill for beluga whale watching and natural history.

These are what Lamberton describes as “soft” adventure tours, lasting one or two long, action-packed days, designed for the traveller who likes to discover and explore.

“They are very efficient, affordable tours,” Lamberton continues. “We begin by flying a chartered aircraft from our departure gateway cities of Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatoon. In Churchill, we roll along in our extremely safe and comfortable tundra buggies, and our customers always have a ball.”

May and June provide the window for Lamberton’s Grizzly Bear West Coast Tour to the magical Khutzeymateen Valley, two hours north of Prince Rupert, B.C. Travelers, accompanied by a guest naturalist, board a chartered flight in Calgary or Edmonton and enjoy a hot breakfast on the plane. After arrival in the coastal city of Prince Rupert, they are welcomed aboard a beautiful, 72-foot catamaran for a cruise to the fabulous Khutzeymateen, a protected sanctuary for grizzly bears that plays host to the highest concentration of these majestic animals in North America.

“We go in at low tide,” Lamberton sets the scene. “We’re comfortably seated in this utterly silent vessel, which features five viewing decks. And the bears are right there on the beaches, feeding on clams and sedge grass. We see everything from moms and cubs to large adult males. And of course, the scenery is stunning.”

So peel yourself off that comfortable couch and prepare to be dazzled by a comfortable adventure you’ll remember fondly for the rest of your days.

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