GOeVisit brings online convenience to your personal health care

Imagine getting a medical consultation anytime and from anywhere without having to visit a doctor’s office or a hospital emergency room.

Now, that is possible as Calgary based MyCare MedTech Medical Clinic, a telehealth company, has launched the innovative GOeVisit initiative which connects a patient to a licenced medical provider on a virtual platform.

“GOeVisit is about providing convenience. If you look at how we live today, how we work today, technology plays a huge role,’’ says Liz Bryant, chief operating officer of MyCare MedTech. “We do our banking online. We do our shopping online. We do our investing online.

“People wanted an option to waiting in walk-in clinics and waiting in emergency rooms when they have situations that they know are not serious.’’

Bryant says a “digital disruption’’ is taking place in health care. Virtual consultations are not new. Around the world, they are set to explode and in North America they are set to increase by 800 per cent by 2020.

“We always say that if you haven’t had a virtual medical consult yet, in five years you will. It will be the go-to,’’ she says.

“Almost half of Canadians believe that mobile apps will make their health care more convenient. Seventy five per cent of Canadians who were polled said that they would not only use virtual health care but that there definitely should be an app for that. So we listened to that.’’

There is no fee to enroll and no fee for use with GOeVisit.

The GOeVisit call centre is located in Vancouver. The virtual platform is an opportunity for people to have a visit with a medical practitioner for non-serious illness. There are about 70 conditions that can safely be diagnosed and treated through virtual care. When someone contacts the call centre, the situation is vetted to make sure it is not an emergency and can be treated using virtual care. Basic information is taken and then the patient is placed into a virtual waiting room.

A virtual consultation can take place through a computer, smartphone or tablet. If a prescription is required, it will be sent to a pharmacy of the client’s choice or free next business day delivery can be arranged anywhere in Canada through a partnership it has with Alliance Pharmacy out of Ontario.

The 24/7 program, which was being developed for three years, was launched in November. As of February, there were 27 staff across Canada but that number is growing all the time depending on the need.

“If you look at where people live in Canada, the majority of the Canadian population live within about 150 kilometres of the U.S. border. That means that we have a lot of remote communities. We have a lot of rural communities and those communities are not always well served in terms of having doctors, having pharmacies that are open 24/7,” says Bryant.

“So a service like GOeVisit is fabulous for those communities because it gives them just-in-time access for medical care.”

Medical consults are delivered by licenced Canadian medical practitioners who specialize in the delivery of virtual care. They can diagnose, treat and prescribe for minor illnesses using proven Virtual Practice Guidelines. Also, if a patient has a family doctor, a summary of every virtual visit goes to the physician.

Bryant says GOeVisit complements the Canadian health care system, taking the burden off of emergency waiting rooms and doctor’s offices for common, minor illnesses – from colds, cough and flu, to general medical concerns, minor injuries and pediatric care.

Telemedicine is a recognized code in Canada and most provinces in the country have some means to allow a clinic to bill using a telemedicine code.

“We have in Canada over five million people that do not have a family doctor and what happens is that these people are going to emergency rooms and the province is being billed for emergency room visits when those people really don’t need to be there,” says Bryant.

“They have minor illnesses but they don’t have a doctor to go to. If you can imagine, a bill to the province for any emergency room visit is going to be significantly higher than a telemedicine visit.”

Bryant says GOeVisit also offers major cost-saving benefits for corporations, reducing prescription frequency by as much as two thirds, cutting absenteeism in half and lowering monthly drug costs up to one-third.

For more details about GOeVisit services call 1-866-31VISIT, email info@goevisit.com or visit goevisit.com. For information about investing in this innovative and emerging company, email investors@goevisit.com or call Jim at 1-403-703-7488.