Green Earth’s effective, non-toxic chemicals are solution for the times

Green Earth Energy Solutions, an oil and gas chemical supplier, is ready to expand its business by helping customers reduce costs in a safe way through green technology.

Steve Matthews, the company’s president, says its proprietary chemicals are environmentally safe - non-toxic, non-caustic, no VOC’s, non- cancer causing and non-flammable and its target market includes the environmental remediation and natural resource sector.

‘‘Chemicals degrade to their natural state when exposed to sunlight, water and naturally occurring microbial activity meaning there are no spills

or remediation necessary,’’ says Matthews of the company’s products. ‘‘They reduce or eliminate discharge or environmental fees. They will not damage substrate such as metal, plastic, rubber of fiberglass. They will not damage or negatively affect the molecular make-up of oil - meaning that there are no production losses

Costs reduced

‘‘There are reductions in work safe costs and worker premiums/liabilities. There is no special worker protection or equipment necessary when working with our chemicals and they work with any existing infrastructure, pumping or piping systems. No special mechanics or equipment are needed. Chemicals are made from domestically and renewable-type grown plants as well as with various natural ingredient esters and alcohol.”

Matthews says the company has a number of products but it is concentrating on enhanced oil recovery/well optimization, scale removal and well-pad maintenance.

GEES is a full-service optimization firm that will manage all facets of the process from tubing replacement, plunger lift and SCADA installation to full wash chemical treatments as well as on-going treatment.

Mike Hawitt, VP Business Development at Green Earth, says the firm’s blend of surfactants/solvents eliminate paraffin/asphaltene build-up as well as scale removal to enhance flow from wells. They also extend the time between treatments over the traditionally used chemicals and acids.

‘‘In tests performed with wells that had formerly required treatment every 10 days, our solutions extended the service interval to as long as six months in some cases,” says Hawitt. ‘‘They have also proven in field trials to in some cases actually improve production volumes over what had been the historical production rate/day. In those wells showing volume increases, the rate of improvement to flow had ranged from as little as five per cent to as much as 60 per cent greater production. He says benefits extend to the transportation network by reducing the buildup of paraffin and ashphaltene in pipelines, pumps and tanks again with no damage to the resource.

Traditional methods of scale removal include the use of various acids that are dangerous for employees, can contaminate other fluids and require special discharge/ disposal methods and the corresponding costs associated with disposal.

Safe yet powerful

‘‘Green Earth scale remover use does not require special safety gear, gloves or breathing apparatus. It is a safe way to use a product that is easily removes scale without damaging the substrates. There are no concerns of pitting on metals or creating a situation where rust can quickly form on the surface due to the now damaged metals.’’

The company says between 60 and 100 per cent of the ingredients in its scale removal will degrade to its natural state within 28 days when exposed to sunlight, water and naturally occurring microbial activity. Green Earth also has a complete line of plant-based and safe chemicals designed for in-situ remediation that destroy LNAPL and DNAPL spills at the site with no need to dig up the soil and haul it away to a landfill.

For more information, interested customers or investors can visit the company website at or contact Larry Peters at 403-850-3570 or