Hint: Tesla is worth $32 Billion USD

Is the Green Economy here yet?

The commercialization of technological innovation is a tremendous wealth creator.

Just look at IBM, Apple, Microsoft and Google: the list of companies which have created remarkable businesses riding technological waves is endless and expanding.

Apple started with computers, went big on software, pivoted to personal music devices and then Steve Jobs focused on the smart phone. In 1998, Google was founded as a search company. One among many. It evolved into a data company which sells billions of dollars a year in advertising targeted to what you want to buy.

This is why Lomiko (TSXV: LMR. OTC: LMRMF) CEO A. Paul Gill believes that you don’t pick winners, you build them. At the root of most successful technology companies is an insight into a new way of doing things: a process, a material, an understanding of how a particular technology will impact the world.

Tesla Motors Inc. ($TSLA) is currently building a massive “giga-factory” that alone will consume 120,000 tonnes of flake graphite by 2020, the equivalent of five new mines. The graphite market is expected to grow by 10% per year, and Lomiko aims to develop a resource of graphite for these markets.

“Graphite is a key element in the new green economy,” says Lomiko President and CEO Paul Gill. “High purity, large flake graphite is vital to the production of lithium-ion batteries, which run everything from your smart phone to electric cars. Demand increases every year, and we want to position the company to take advantage of that demand.”

Beyond the obvious market that is coming for Li-ion batteries and graphite, Lomiko Technologies’ key insight is that a one atom thick layer of carbon called graphene is changing the world. From batteries to smart phones to never-wash windows, graphene is working its way into materials science and from there into the cutting edge of technological innovation across the entire spectrum of advanced electronics, fabrication, coatings, components and computing.

Lomiko Technologies is a stand-alone company designed to profit from the opportunities presented by graphene and other advanced technologies.

Its roots are in Lomiko Metals, a TSX Venture listed graphite exploration company. Lomiko Metals has been involved in discovering, drilling and creating opportunity in the graphite sector. Its focus has been on graphite properties in the Province of Quebec and it owns or has options on a number of properties offering high purity, large flake near surface deposits.

How to Benefit From Graphene: The Plan

Lomiko Technologies will take the technology assets of Lomiko and operate as a technology company. Whether it is in the lighting industry, the graphene super capacitor space or simply as a minority shareholder in a successful graphene 3D printing company, Lomiko Technology will present a coherent, sector focused face to the investment world. In order to implement the plan, Lomiko Tech needs to finance and develop the new graphene projects and find partners in academia and the business community looking to develop and introduce new products that will benefit from the unique properties graphene has to offer.

Most of all, Lomiko Technologies will be able to continue and expand its relationship with Graphene Labs. A key factor in Graphene 3D Lab and Lomiko Technologies success in the current opportunity is Graphene Labs customer base of over 10,000 companies and laboratories world-wide.

Contact Lomiko Technologies at info@lomiko.com for more information, and follow developments at lomiko.com, lomikotechnologies.com or follow Lomiko on Facebook.