Phoenixx rises to your mobile software challenges

If you are a business wondering whether you should jump into the mobile world, here is a stunning statistic that will make your decision an easy one to make.

More than 81 per cent of the three billion worldwide web users today access the Internet from their smartphones.

“This is more than a trend. Today if a business – even a very small one – is not present in the mobile world, if people can’t find your product or services, if you are not there, you are out of the game,” says David Banford, chief executive officer of Phoenixx, which specializes in mobile applications and mobile software development.

“It’s not just adding a website and being present on Google. It’s much more important than this. You absolutely need to be present on the mobile world to be sure you will be seen by all your potential customers.”

Banford started the company by himself in 2008, and today Phoenixx benefits from a team of 250 experts and collaborators all across Canada, including Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

He started by creating websites and providing e-commerce and e-marketing solutions for businesses, but in the last five years Phoenixx has become an expert and very strong in mobile solutions helping companies reach their target audience.

Phoenixx strives to offer the best quality and rates in the Canadian IT market for web and mobile solution development. The company also provides IT consulting, digital marketing, business intelligence, cloud hosting and security services

“Eighty-seven per cent of people are looking, searching for product and services every day from their smartphone. We decided to become a leader in mobile solutions for businesses. We invested a lot of money in research and development to create our own technological platform and technological process to be able to quickly create mobile applications for any kind of business to answer any need,” says Banford.

This has become the most important aspect of its business. The advanced proprietary technology helps facilitate a much faster method than other companies to develop software solutions for businesses. This saves time and money, which is passed down to customers using Phoenixx’s services. Affordable pricing and financing plans are available.

“Our goal, our mission, is to offer the possibility to any kind of business, any size of business, at any budget, to have access to this mobile world. If they don’t have access to the mobile world – if they cannot reach their potential customers on the smartphone and tablet – they lose a lot of money every day. They lose a lot of sales. They lose a lot of opportunities,” says Banford.

“So our business model is to offer a technological approach that can offer the possibility to any kind of business, even if it’s a startup or even if they don’t have money to invest in development and marketing. We have packages for any kind of budget starting as low as $99 a month. They can have a full and complete mobile solution including mobile website, mobile application for Apple and mobile applications for androids to reach their potential customers every day.”

Businesses have to realize that they need to be present in the mobile world today to increase sales.

Phoenixx has clients all over the world and more growth is expected in the near future.

“We want to be a worldwide leader in the field. We started small, but we are growing very fast every month,” says Banford. For more information visit or email