Thousands of traditional businesses have embraced non traditional methods of digital marketing, customer relations management (CRM), online booking, payment and scheduling systems that actually beef up their bottom line.

Without these 21st century tools, it’s getting harder and harder to compete in ANY field.

So where does a traditional business operator turn to gain entry to this not-so-mysterious digital world? The obvious place to start is Calgary-based Pump Interactive, A Digital Agency. Pump Interactive is a fullservice shop that combines superb programming, clear and attractive design and advanced digital marketing strategies that will draw your company into the digital age at its own pace, while arming you with the kind of tools and knowhow that can lead to tangible, often spectacular results.

Founder-partners Scott Haggar and Sean Rabey lead a motivated team of strategists, consultants, designers and marketers who can help you reach and better serve the customers you need to grow your business.

These are approachable experts, who avoid the kind of technical jargon that can be intimidating for the uninitiated. Sure, they’re fluent in cyberspeak but their language of choice is clear ENGLISH.

As Rabey laughs, “We have the background to know where you’re coming from and we won’t geek out on you if you have questions.”

Friends since the first grade, Haggar and Rabey have been in business for almost eight years, helping companies grow by designing and installing customer-friendly systems that work their magic flawlessly. Pump Interactive’s roster of clients includes homebuilders, auto glass installers, mortgage providers and government based tourist agencies, among others.

Generally, it begins with a custom-driven, fully interactive website.

“We’ll build your whole site, helping you to penetrate new markets and to compete with even the biggest players within your space,” Rabey says.

“Depending on the nature of your business, your site can provide user/customers with control over their own data and profiles.”

Take automated, online payment systems as an example.

If you can only accept credit card payment via your office staff, i.e., over the phone, your people are getting bogged down with a tedious and generally unproductive task.

Pump Interactive can set you up to receive payments online. That translates to improved efficiencies all around.

“Customers can book your service online and they can pay for it online,” Rabey chimes in. “That way your staffers don’t need to waste their own valuable time processing credit cards or scheduling work, not to mention following up outstanding invoices. Your site can handle all that for you, securely and efficiently.”

Pump Interactive prides itself on its triple-tiered focus, taking excellent design and marrying it to up to-the-minute programming strength and marketing skill, with the ultimate goal of streamlining client efficiencies.

Haggar oversees the design aspect of Pump’s suite of services, while Rabey is the code/ programming guru. Since incorporating almost eight years ago, the two principals have added marketing expertise by bringing aboard additional staff.

They started by creating and designing sports booking software for Calgary’s Glencoe Club, while the partners were still in university. Since then, the concept – and the business – has blossomed.

“Our software is what differentiates us from our competitors in the marketing space,” Haggar explains.

“We are essentially a marketing company but our competitors can’t match our ability to create customized software that suits our clients’ needs so well.

“Other software companies can’t boast the kind of marketing savvy that makes our software look and work as well as it does.” If it all sounds like a bit much for your company to chew on, think again. Pump Interactive will bring you up to speed at your OWN speed. Haggar and Rabey describe it as a long-term, iterative approach, by which they analyze and assess your long-term goals and break them down into shorter terms.

As Rabey says, “you don’t have to gnaw off this big piece of unfamiliar technology and learn about it all at once. We work with our customers over time, enabling them to get comfortable with their new system. We get a kick out of helping a client to understand the strength and th

e power of the tools we create for them. It’s fascinating to watch the growth of our customers’ expertise as they get comfortable with the technology.”

So if you feel as though it’s time to get going on the Internet, time to boost your digital presence, while leveraging that presence to provide tangible efficiencies at your company, it’s time to get in touch with Pump Interactive. Start with their helpful website: or check in by phone at 403.514.0599.