Technique Adjustment Consulting: Helping businesses grow from the inside out

Marcy Krafft and Tony McGrath readily admit that their consulting business runs counter culture to the current predominant thinking in the world of business and organizations.

But the married couple and founders of Technique Adjustment Consulting have established a humanity-driven approach to helping others succeed – an approach that is fueled by passion for what they do.

“It starts in a belief. And our belief is that by creating healthy organizational environments, businesses and organizations can have a massive impact on the world because people spend so much of their time there, says Krafft, chief operating officer of the company.

“We help organizations create the environment that allows their people to thrive, allows their people to cultivate ideas, develop leadership, uncover potential, learn how to tell their stories, and build legacies. And we think that’s all rooted in the health of the business.”

“We look at different ways of helping organizations through a number of channels, primarily through mentoring. Mentoring leaders but also mentoring teams; helping with facilitating strategic planning and execution, and working on the emotional health of the business, looking at some stress management and self-care, meditation. The soft things that can have massive impact on people, which then have massive impact on the business.”

Krafft and McGrath have a long history in the corporate world. When they decided to leave it, they created a business and brought it to market, but eventually left that. As they were contemplating what to do and how to utilize the skills they learned in the corporate world for many years – Krafft as a lawyer and McGrath in the area of finance – the idea for an innovative and unique consulting business naturally came forward. Technique Adjustment Consulting was founded in 2009.

“We regard this as a movement rather than a business. It’s more than a job to us, more than a business. This is a true passion for us,’’ says McGrath, the company’s chief executive officer.

“The bottom line is most affected when your people are healthy, the leaders have a healthy culture, and there’s a healthy environment. Things really start to explode when you do that.”

Krafft and McGrath do several things that run counter to current thinking in the world of business – thinking that has dominated the corporate world for so long.

One is Zen Hour, which is a program using meditation for executives and employees, who learn to relax and breathe properly. This is important for stress management and learning to be present in the moment. It is a critical component of success, creating connections between people, and providing enormous health benefits.

The company also has a human leadership project that teaches executives and other people how to access their leadership skills and how to motivate themselves and others to create connections and energy in a business or an organization.

Krafft and McGrath recognize that what they do is not for everyone, and attitudes of fear and ego are normally what prevent many from forging forward in this direction.

“We understand that not every company will want to work with us,” says McGrath. “We get that. We’re not a fit for everybody. But we are a fit for leadership teams and organizations that are open to change and open to doing things in a different way.”

“Open to impact. Making huge positive impact on the community,” adds Krafft. “It’s exponential because when you make an impact on one person, it affects other people.’’

The duo works with a broad range of industries from a one-person operation to established companies with up to 100 employees. Their business has grown in recent years primarily through word of mouth. Clients are from Nova Scotia to Vancouver as well as the U.S. and the U.K. McGrath works with the ATB X Accelerator incubator program and other incubators, and he is a volunteer mentor with Futurpreneur Canada.

“We believe in giving, and that is something we try to instill in businesses,” he says.

For more information on Technique Adjustment Consulting, call McGrath at 403-714-6024 or visit