Having an outdated website, or not having one at all, reflects negatively on a company’s brand. Poorly managed social media platforms mean the company is missing out on vital two-way communication and related sales and customer service opportunities. Without blogs, a company will struggle with website traffic and other SEO necessities, such as organic Google rankings. It can be exhausting to keep up with it all, and if not done right it can be damaging to your business.

That is why companies hire me and my digital marketing agency, Jumping Elephant.

I thoroughly enjoy helping companies improve their brand perception and increase profits. After taking on the dual role of editor and digital marketing strategist for Business Edge News Magazine,

I conducted extensive research on the strengths and weaknesses of Business Edge’s digital game. Since it launched in the year 2000, Business Edge has been a print powerhouse with a decent website and a strong Linkedin presence (through publisher Rob Driscoll) but was weak overall in the social media realm. That is all changing for the better – and quickly.

I developed a detailed digital strategy for The Edge that we are executing diligently. We are pumping out high-quality content on a daily basis and on a variety of platforms.

Business Edge News Magazine is now on the cutting edge of marketing. As a business with deep roots in a traditional medium, they are transitioning into a completely integrated and effective option for advertising for business.

An approach in which articles become shareable blogs, emails become direct messages with instant service, and print promotions now have the extended reach of the entire Internet - not limited to physical location. With the ability to offer integrated online/print advertising opportunities in one of Canada’s top business publications, Business Edge is becoming one of the most sought-after places to advertise. And that’s not all – Business Edge is dedicated to offering useful and relevant news, insightful columns, colourful features, and business tips and information FOR FREE on their primary digital marketing channels - Facebook, Twitter, and their thriving blog. Jumping Elephant and Business Edge are breaking down barriers to offer more bang for your buck when it comes to the power of your hard-earned ad dollars.

Sarah Kirkpatrick is owner of Jumping Elephant, a fully integrated digital marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing strategy, content writing, and social media platform management. We work with clients of every size and budget to create a comprehensive marketing plan that they can implement efficiently and effectively themselves. No time to post? A block to the creative juices? Our team of experienced writers will curate original content, custom images, and integrated marketing calendars for your company pages. But management is often the hardest part! Jumping Elephant team members will manage any and all engagement with your posts, notify you of important direct messages, and do extensive outreach to reach the audience you most want to speak with. We also blog! Engaging, informative, and entertaining blogs to gain traffic, interest, tell your story, and prove that you are an expert in your field, in a professionally written and search engine optimized format that everyone will read to the end.