She describes her organization as a “grassroots” HR firm because Wendy Giuffre sincerely believes that the success of any enterprise begins and ends with its people. During 28 years as a human resources professional, she has seen it demonstrated time and again. And she walks the talk on a daily basis as the senior decision maker for Wendy Ellen Inc., currently celebrating 10 years of successful operations in Calgary.

“There is no question that your talented and loyal staff members are your most valuable asset, no matter what kind of business you run,” she says. “These are the people who drive your sales, optimize your processes and solve problems for your customers.”

And when your thriving business begins to grow, it is a full-time job to seek, find, train new people – the RIGHT people– to add to your team: time-consuming elements such as maintaining staff morale, sorting out benefits programs, negotiating contracts – all the challenging tasks that add up to strong employee relations.

That’s where Wendy Ellen comes in.

Giuffre and her experienced team are in position to take the place of a human resources department that your small or mid-sized business would otherwise need.

By inviting Wendy Ellen into your workplace on an as-needed basis, you are free to concentrate on your core business, to devote more of your time to pursue strategic priorities. Meanwhile, you are secure in the knowledge that the members of your team are in the best possible hands.

Wendy Ellen’s customer service model is based on filling your own specific needs. Working onsite or offsite as required, Giuffre and her gifted team will take care of the people side of your business, within a professional and compliant framework. That hands-on approach is what frees up Wendy Ellen’s clients, giving them time to concentrate on the bottom line.

“We like to get our hands dirty,” Giuffre says. “Working seamlessly within the framework of our customers’ organizations, we act as neutral, nonjudgmental consultants aiming for the creation of a culture to promote employee engagement and retention.”

Thinking about recruiting new staffers? Wendy Ellen can help you find the right person, enabling you to build your team with those able to adapt most readily to your specific culture, in terms of skill sets, personality fit and role fit.

An important bonus: the price is right. “In terms of recruitment, we are definitely more price-friendly than other large recruitment companies and offer different pricing options,” Giuffre adds.

Giuffre and her team specialize in every facet of human resources consultation, from legislative compliance to management coaching to wellness initiatives. You will find additional details on Wendy Ellen’s informative website

Contact Giuffre directly at 403.815.4336 or for more information.