Wesure has done what most businesses in Alberta have done; cut the fat and control expenses. But then what? What does a 47-year-old Alberta manufacturer with a reputation for high-quality manufacturing do? Wesure’s choice was to reinvigorate itself by upping its game and taking the opportunity to do business in a different way.

Wesure started this process by looking outward at the changing Alberta business landscape to try to understand how to best serve our current customers and, potentially, our future customers. It was pretty clear that doing business the same old way was not a real option. Wesure has chosen to focus on its strengths and to build on those to provide even more value to the Western Canadian marketplace.

Sacrificing quality was never a consideration because, simply, our customers rely on Wesure for quality. Instead, Wesure has doubled down on quality assurance by making a strategic investment in having an ISO management specialist on staff to further strengthen our ISO certification and reinforce our commitment to quality manufacturing. On the column side of Wesure’s business, customers have always been viewed as valued trade partners. The strategy going forward is to enhance those relationships further by providing additional structural services like steel beams, heavy duty hangers and connection engineering by adding an in-house engineer to our staff. To complete the picture, a key investment to enhance its capabilities is to re-equip by moving to more robotic welding and ensuring its production floor is capable of more.

Another forward business tactic is actively looking for strategic alliances in the marketplace. Wesure believes that with the right strategic alliances, we can all be stronger together and far more capable of helping each other prosper and grow. For Wesure, it is really about thinking about doing business in a different way from what we have done it in the past and reaching for continued success in the future.

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