How to Set Yourself Up for Attending a Networking Event

How to Set Yourself Up for Attending a Networking Event

Networking events are a great way to get out there, see others’ ideas, gather new intelligence and connect with people. There are various high-quality networking events available most weekdays in almost every major city.

Whether you are looking for assistance in your own business, for potential consumers, or simply for new ideas, a networking event can provide you with great information and new connections. When attending these events, it is important to make sure you are set up for... Keep Reading

issue: Volume 16, Issue 1

Why Print Stands Out Among the Digital

Why Print Stands Out Among the Digital

The debate of paper versus digital has been the subject of many heated debates. People wonder if the written word will soon disappear and the rule of the online word will take over completely. Of course, like any debate, there are pros and cons to both, but what about print versus digital advertising? Advertising is different from simply having an e-book or paperback in front of you; advertising is something that is intended to draw the eye of the potential customer. No matter what approach you... Keep Reading

10 Reasons LinkedIn is Great for Business

10 Reasons LinkedIn is Great for Business

As more social media platforms have arisen over time, there have been numerous opportunities for businesses to learn how to use them to their advantage. Facebook is a great outlet for listing your business location,hours, and basic interactions with the public. Twitter is a good way to share things in which the business is invested. Then along came LinkedIn and it has been one of the best platforms that a business could ask for. It is known as the more professional way to post your resumé and... Keep Reading

issue: Volume 14, Issue 6

Friendly fire has small business ‘coffice’ under siege

I have embraced over the last few years what I consider to be the ideal headquarters of the small business operator: the coffee-shop office . . . or, as I call it in order to save three syllables and therefore countless milliseconds per year, the coffice.

I use the coffice for almost all of my meetings with customers, prospects and colleagues. I do my administrative work and digital communication on my Mac laptop at the coffice. I do my best writing at the coffice. In fact, I am at one of my... Keep Reading

Think your marketing is grate? Yeah, write!

Far more problematic is the death of compelling, effective messages in marketing programs.

My associates and I shake our heads with stunning regularity at advertising messages that clearly cost a lot of money but do nothing to inspire consumers or corporate decision makers.

Businesses broadcasting ineffective or offensive messages are not only failing to attract customers with hard-earned marketing dollars, they are damaging their brands.

In every Canadian city, countless businesses... Keep Reading

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