The global pledging event and campaign “Stand Up for Ukraine” has gathered 9.1 billion euros for those fleeing Russia’s aggression.

The campaign involves a €1 billion contribution from the European Commission and is intended to assist Ukrainians both inside and outside the country.

In addition, the European Bank has approved an extra €1 billion in loans. This additional amount will be used to meet the needs of those who have been displaced as a result of the invasion.

€1.8 billion of the €10.1 billion in pledges and funds are for internally displaced people. The remaining €8.3 billion, on the other hand, will be provided to refugees in adjacent EU states and nations.

The online fundraising action Stand Up For Ukraine is the culmination of a larger social media campaign organized by the European Commission and the Canadian Government.

The funds will be used to meet the short and medium-term requirements of the more than four million refugees who have already sought refuge in the EU. This covers everything from food to shelter to medical treatment to education and work.

Government commitments for temporarily displaced individuals in Ukraine will now be administered mostly through Ukrainian authorities. Authorities at both the national and municipal levels will be involved.

Donations from the private segment and communities will primarily be directed through UN agencies.

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