Windset Farms, based in British Columbia, relies on innovation. Beginning in 1996, John and Steven Newell took over their parents’ poultry business and embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with just four acres of glass greenhouses packed with bell peppers.

While many other Canadian producers aim to sell to Americans, Windset Farms focuses on supplying high-quality food to Canadians. After a few years of growing the company, John and Steven decided to start their own marketing firm in 2003.

Even though Windset Farms’ major focus has always been and continues to be the Canadian market, the company has expanded its US operations throughout the years. Currently, the company markets and distributes products cultivated on more than 800 acres of modern greenhouses.

Windset Farms also attempts to provide a diverse range of options to all customers. Customers are given the opportunity to pick and then choose the sorts of products that they want, allowing the organization to be more freight efficient.

The company also claims that by growing its US facilities, it can set up the market to the point where it can create a significant operation. And it essentially transitions from acquiring items from producing countries to offering products cultivated in its own facilities.

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