Canada’s mushroom business is flourishing. It is worth $900 million, and Canada is a major exporter of fresh mushrooms worldwide.

With the exception of Saskatchewan and Newfoundland, mushrooms are cultivated commercially in every region in Canada. The white button mushroom is the most common. Brown mushrooms, including crimini and portabella, are members of the same group.

Fresh mushrooms can also help to combat disease. They provide nutrients and chemicals that are being researched for their anti-carcinogenic potential.

Mushrooms Canada, founded in 1955, promotes food safety, optimum nutrition, and the proper care and management of natural Canadian mushrooms. It, like many other groups, was created to conduct research, advocate for, and support mushroom producers in the country.

Its members work together to coordinate research initiatives on a variety of themes, including growing practices, as well as environmental and labor concerns. Also, the NGO runs promotional programs to encourage people to eat fresh mushrooms by emphasizing their health advantages and culinary applications.

Mushrooms Canada will also continue to advocate for increased access to international laborers. It has joined up with a consortium of other agricultural commodities to lobby the government to find better ways for temporary migrant agricultural workers to gain residence.

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