Vive Crop Protection has created an inventive device that delivers pesticides precisely where they are needed. The business intends to increase pesticide efficiency while minimizing environmental damage by employing tiny nano-engineered “shuttles.”

However, innovation by itself does not ensure commercial success. To strike a deal with the market, you’ll also need managerial skills, industry knowledge, and financial backing.

That is why the company resorted to Bioenterprise Corporation. Bioenterprise is Canada’s largest startup accelerator dedicated solely to agri-technology. Since 2003, the group has assisted hundreds of businesses in getting started or developing to the next level.

What is it about Bioenterprise that makes it so effective? The answer, according to president Dave Smardon, is industry comprehension.

Bioenterprise clients can get access to a large network of possible investors, partners, vendors, purchasers, and others. Furthermore, the company has formed alliances with top professionals.

Bioenterprise also provides business guidance for young entrepreneurs. In-house experts will assess an idea’s scalability, examine the competitors, calculate financial requirements, identify opportunities, and assist clients in becoming investment ready.

Katan Kitchens is another business that attributes its success to Bioenterprise. The company has assisted in the growth and processing of grain in Ontario, thereby meeting a growing need for local food.

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