Many auto-related enterprises in Canada reduced their operations following the 2008 Canadian automobile market meltdown. Despite uncertain economic prospects, Marwood Metal Fabrication expanded its production lines. Now, the company shows that taking a risk may result in exponential profits.

Marwood Metal Fabrication Limited, located on the outskirts of Tillsonburg, began operations in 1990 with only two presses and nine staff. Marwood was nearly entirely focused on small part manufacture at the time.

The company grew consistently until 2008. With the development of email, it became possible to communicate across continents more effectively. Logistics and transportation technology have also become more efficient. Seeing the potential of these fresh concepts, the corporation decided to begin selling merchandise on a global scale.

However, the potential provided by the emerging international economy presented new obstacles for Marwood. Countries such as China and India started producing minor parts for worldwide buyers for a fraction of the cost.

Knowing this, Marwood made the decision to shift their focus totally. To safeguard the company from the worldwide competition, they switched to larger pieces and full modules.

Marwood Metal Fabrication is now a world-class leader in the delivery of major parts to the automobile manufacturing industries. Northern America and Japan remain their primary focus markets. So far, the company employs hundreds of experienced people and collaborates with some of the most well-known companies in the international automotive industry.

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