As the commercial and private sectors in developed countries implement ever-evolving eco-friendly policies, it bodes tremendously well for the development of the renewables industry. GeoSmart Energy, a Canadian company, is leading the way with breakthrough geothermal technologies that have tremendous potential of changing the world.

Geothermal energy is heat energy that is produced and preserved naturally inside the Earth. The formation of geothermal energy in the Earth’s crust may be traced back to the planet’s creation. These days, we’re now able to use it as a clean and sustainable energy source.

In 2005, rural areas accounted for the majority of GeoSmart’s operations. By 2010, the business had reached a tipping point with various incentive packages, resulting in a significantly larger percentage of installations in metropolitan areas. Today, nearly 100% of GeoSmart’s market is back to being rural areas.

The company currently has a large network of heating contractors who can distribute the company’s solutions. Additionally, all contractors receive extensive training to ensure the effective installation and maintenance of the facilities.

GeoSmart does offer a comprehensive range of commercial goods. There is also a wealth of technical knowledge, which results in joint efforts between engineers and technicians on higher-end projects.

GeoSmart discovered a European supplier who is now developing the GeoSmart NetZero model range. It’s a new product that debuted this year, and it has already achieved a considerably higher energy efficiency than any other solution the business has ever offered.

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