Magnus, founded in 1946, is the leading researcher and manufacturer of advanced chemical and equipment solutions in the country. Magnus has developed as a pioneer in anti-corrosion technologies for the efficiency and safety of industrial equipment through a commitment to R&D since its founding.

The company expanded its expertise into the sector in the early 1950s when a leading company in aluminum mining, Alcan, contacted it. Magnus scientists’ ongoing research has resulted in customers saving millions of dollars in expenditures.

Magnus is now fully aware of its clients’ desire to maximize water utilization and the demand to reuse as much of it as possible for environmental reasons. In order to cater to these requirements, Magnus became the only Canadian-based corporation with Ecologo-approved products.

Magnus also works hard to provide sustainable solutions. With five laboratories solely devoted to R&D and observation, Magnus is committed to prolonging its lineage of environmentally-sound initiatives.

In 2011, Magnus conducted a greenhouse gas emissions inventory. This investigation reported that Magnus’ 2010 operations contributed to only 328 tons of CO2 per year, and the company was also able to remove 105 hazardous compounds from its ingredient mix.

Customers are increasingly looking for environmentally friendly solutions, according to the company’s Vice President, Jean-Jacques Drieux. Fortunately, Magnus’ innovative and environmentally friendly products have put the business ahead of its competitors.

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