Save money and boost productivity with amazing features

If your office hasn't made the decision to switch to a VoIP telephone system, you obviously haven't had the chance to speak to Garry Laxdal.

Perhaps it's time you did.

As VP of Telecommunication Products for award-winning WBM Office Systems, Laxdal makes a compelling case in favour of Mitel's Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Mitel's remarkable, multi-tasking phone systems can save money for your company, while boosting productivity in a number of different ways. But first, you'll have to alter your perceptions of what a telephone network can and should do for your company.

As Laxdal explains, WBM Office Systems is proud of its status as a Microsoft Gold Partner - and of its well-deserved reputation in the information technology industry in Alberta.

"We are one of Canada's Top 50 IT Companies and, because of our extensive IT background, we are the best company in Alberta to work on VoIP conversions," says Laxdal.

WBM offers its customers an astonishing range of VoIP products and services. Among its satisfied clients is STARS, Alberta's airborne ambulance service. In fact, Laxdal is fond of asking: "If STARS trusts us with its telecommunications, why wouldn't you?" About those products and services. If you're unfamiliar with Mitel's VoIP capabilities, you have some pleasant surprises in store.

It's all about enhancing your business practices and processes. Mitel gives you options and features that vendors of more traditional telephone systems can only imagine.

"You can take advantage of numerous fantastic VoIP applications you may not have heard about before, but believe me, they'll increase your productivity and lower your costs," Laxdal explains.

That means saving time and money, folks. Looking for examples? Prepare to be impressed.

Would you be interested in an application that enables you to access telephone voice messages from your email inbox? It's now available via a remarkably useful feature called unified messaging, which allows the user to access vitally important telephone or email memos with a desktop computer, laptop and/or desk phone and mobile phone.

To demonstrate, Laxdal punches up the email inbox on his laptop. By placing his cursor on the tiny telephone icon, he shows how he can listen to phone messages through the laptop's speakers.

Even more impressive, unified messaging converts your written emails to computer-synthesized sound bites that you can access by phone from anywhere on the planet.

Just imagine how useful this feature might turn out to be ...

"Picture yourself travelling down the road on a sales trip. You're already able to access your voice messages on a mobile phone. But with our Mitel unified messaging application, you're just a single touch tone away from picking up your emails as well," Laxdal runs down the steps. "Remember, you're on the highway. Your laptop's folded up on the back seat. But you've been waiting for that urgent email. Now you can listen to your important notes right over your mobile phone."

Other features, such as speech-recognition access to your personal messages, contact information, calendar and electronic appointment book, also speed up the process, saving users immeasurable inconvenience.

Here's another useful application. Mitel technology lets you "twin" your desk phone and cellphone. You use one number for both. "When you're in the office, incoming calls to your cellphone are patched straight through to your desk phone. In short, you don't have to pay airtime charges."

It also works in reverse, enabling you to forward desk phone calls to your mobile with just the flick of a switch. No calls are missed, no time - or cash - is wasted. Of course, when you're working with Mitel products, you're using nothing but the best. A market-leading provider of integrated communications solutions that focus on blending technology with the human element, Mitel is also a certified Microsoft gold partner that specializes in creating maximum return on investment (ROI) for each of its customers.

That's Mitel's pledge to you and your company. It's also the pledge of WBM Office Systems. One of the oldest and largest telecom re-sellers in Western Canada, WBM has customers at every level of both the private and public sector. They include companies listed among the Financial Post Top 50. (Did we mention that WBM has cracked the list of Canada's Top 50 IT Solution Providers?)

For ease and rapidity of installation, WBM's series of products simply can't be topped.

"We take the confusion out of the installation process," says Laxdal. "We make it easy for our customers to understand and operate the system."

For details about unified messaging or the entire range of Mitel products, call WBM today.

Reach Garry Laxdal by phone at 403.272.0707 or via email at Stop by the website,