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Volume 16, Issue 2

What’s a Canadian manufacturer to do?

Wesure has done what most businesses in Alberta have done; cut the fat and control expenses. But then what? What does a 47-year-old Alberta manufacturer with a reputation for high-quality manufacturing do? Wesure’s choice was to reinvigorate itself by upping its game and taking the opportunity to do business in a different way.

Wesure started this process by looking outward at the changing Alberta business landscape to try to understand how to best serve our current customers and,... Keep Reading

Technique Adjustment Consulting: Helping businesses grow from the inside out

Marcy Krafft and Tony McGrath readily admit that their consulting business runs counter culture to the current predominant thinking in the world of business and organizations.

But the married couple and founders of Technique Adjustment Consulting have established a humanity-driven approach to helping others succeed – an approach that is fueled by passion for what they do.

“It starts in a belief. And our belief is that by creating healthy organizational environments, businesses and... Keep Reading

Volume 16, Issue 2

Phoenixx rises to your mobile software challenges

Phoenixx rises to your mobile software challenges

If you are a business wondering whether you should jump into the mobile world, here is a stunning statistic that will make your decision an easy one to make.

More than 81 per cent of the three billion worldwide web users today access the Internet from their smartphones.

“This is more than a trend. Today if a business – even a very small one – is not present in the mobile world, if people can’t find your product or services, if you are not there, you are out of the game,” says... Keep Reading

Volume 16, Issue 1

GOeVisit brings online convenience to your personal health care

GOeVisit brings online convenience to your personal health care

Imagine getting a medical consultation anytime and from anywhere without having to visit a doctor’s office or a hospital emergency room.

Now, that is possible as Calgary based MyCare MedTech Medical Clinic, a telehealth company, has launched the innovative GOeVisit initiative which connects a patient to a licenced medical provider on a virtual platform.

“GOeVisit is about providing convenience. If you look at how we live today, how we work today, technology plays a huge role,’’... Keep Reading

By now, most of us have heard of factoring, also known as accounts-receivable financing.

It has become a highly effective way for business owners and executives to inject cash and emerge from cash-flow crises without negatively affecting the core business.

Alberta-based capitalNOW has become a leader in helping Western Canadian companies through factoring. In so doing, they have also created an exceptional investment opportunity.

Art Smith of capitalNOW explains the business model:... Keep Reading

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