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Volume 15, Issue 1

Wishes make a difference

The slogan is “Joy is a wonder drug”. That’s because every wish granted to a child with a life-threatening illness creates hope, not only for the child but for the entire family. In fact, the lives of as many as 100 people in the community can be transformed just by the fervent dream of a wish child.

Blake is just four years old and even riding a carousel is scary due to a catastrophic, progressive form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. It has left him with delayed motor skills and... Keep Reading

Thousands of traditional businesses have embraced non traditional methods of digital marketing, customer relations management (CRM), online booking, payment and scheduling systems that actually beef up their bottom line.

Without these 21st century tools, it’s getting harder and harder to compete in ANY field.

So where does a traditional business operator turn to gain entry to this not-so-mysterious digital world? The obvious place to start is Calgary-based Pump Interactive, A Digital... Keep Reading

TEC Chair extols merits of peer-fuelled growth

In Bruce Harbinson’s opinion, a business leader can take a giant step down the path to success through participation in TEC Canada, a membership based peer group consisting of the most dynamic business minds in the country.

“What has continued to amaze me is the concrete results our leaders achieve,” enthuses Harbinson, a TEC (The Executive Committee) Canada regional Chair based in Toronto.

“I’m talking about enhanced revenue, profits and organizational culture. This is a unique... Keep Reading

CFC’s fiberglass piping systems raising eyebrows

The senior decision maker for Custom Fiberglass Contractors has a message for all Western Canadian operators of piping systems, whether they deal in oil and gas or chemicals. Fiberglass is better.

Based in Red Deer, CFC has been installing fiberglass piping systems, with spectacular results, for the past 14 years. And the message is getting through: Fiberglass is more durable, more resistant to corrosion and less expensive

– especially in the long run

– than more traditional steel... Keep Reading

It’s early in the game but Dale Galbraith, CEO of Catch Resources, has fixed his eye firmly on the prize. He intends to become an oil producer and believes he knows exactly how to accomplish his goal.

The strategy: acquisition.

“We are shaking the trees to see what kind of opportunities are out there, as well as looking for accredited investors,” he states his purpose flatly. “We’re in the business of oil.”

Committed to the eventual creation of a fundamentally sound, publicly... Keep Reading

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