Whether companies have large or small sales teams, they can be struggling! Do we hire? Do we let some go? Do we keep status quo? It is a dilemma for business owners, no doubt.

In a robust, thriving economic environment, sales teams can get lazy. They may become more like order takers than hunters.

On the other hand, when there is hardship or the economy becomes unhealthy, customers change their buying habits. They become cautious, prudent and make the sales person work for their business. Companies demand more. Sales reps have to re-learn how to sell again.

Companies know great sales teams require ongoing training and resources. However, most hire a sales rep with experience so they do not have to provide sales training, right? Whether it is a healthy or unhealthy economic environment, sales training and sales coaching are the missing ingredients. They are a required staple for companies who choose to stay in the game to grow and prosper. Today more than ever, you must stand out and outsell your competition! Customers want a sales rep to bring resources to the table to get the job done.

A business that wants to be known for providing a solution, building relationships, creating superior customer service, or be known as the expert in the field, must hit the reset button and go back to the basics. This means reviewing the sales plan, the forecasting or GAP plan, and resetting the critical success factors and key performance indicators. A successful sales system is a must.

A fresh set of eyes may be needed to review the mindset, lead-generation process, unique selling proposition, value proposition and a benefit-selling strategy. It is prudent to review the core values, vision and mission statements that a company needs to provide a clear execution of the sales process. It is a must to examine the follow-up process so prospects do not fall through the cracks and companies do not lose business.

Yes, companies have been spoiled during good times. They may be challenged on how to deal with the slow times they are facing. Sales training and sales coaching may be that continued, crucial missing ingredient. Remember, your customers are your competitor’s prospects. Reset, add the resources needed for a powerful, new fresh approach for your sales team to achieve sales success and build your business!

Mark Bernard is a professional sales trainer and executive coach at Bernard Training Solutions. You can reach him at 403.554.0421, mark@bernardtraining.com or visit http://bernardtraining.com