UTILITYnet.ca and Business Edge News Magazine have teamed up on an exclusive offer to dramatically reduce your monthly energy costs.

To take advantage of the Five Point Business Edge Rate, go to the sign-up form on www.UTILITYnet.ca Click on the “Sign-Up” tab and you will see the options on the application form:

The limited offer is open only to clients and readers of Business Edge News Magazine. It is not a published rate. Sign- ups will be limited to just 500 residential customers.

The sad truth is that we all know someone who has been hit with the downturn of the economy, and there are lots of people who are trying to tighten their belts.

This joint program is intended to help participating clients and Business Edge readers lower their household utility expenses. It is a step in the right direction with the following benefits:

• The lowest electricity fixed rates in Alberta priced at 5 cents per kWh, guaranteed until the end of 2017.

• Monthly Administration Fees of only $5 per month.

• Support Alberta’s Climate Change initiatives by helping to “Green the Grid” via the purchase of a minimum of 5% Green Energy offsets. This is affordable and for the average consumer, itwill cost about 50 cents per month.

• Earn 5% interest per annum on a minimum security deposit of $150 posted for the term of the plan. That is certainly better than what the banks are offering.

• The offer is open to only 500 customers.

There is no cancellation fee and consumers can opt out of the agreement with 10 days notice. UTILITYnet.ca is a privately owned company based in Calgary. The roots of the company date back to 1978, and UTILITYnet has set aside a block of energy at these discounted rates to help people in need.

“The collective goal of Business Edge and UTILITYnet.ca is to help make a tough economy a little more positive for some of our fellow Albertans,” said UTILITYnet managing partner Nick Clark.