If you have decided to advertise in magazine, all that is left is to determine what size of advertisement to select. Although this sounds like an easy decision, your choice from the varying sizes of ads can have a huge impact on effectiveness! Here are the different ad sizes available and the benefits of each.

Selecting the Best Ad Size for Magazine Advertising

Selecting the Best Ad Size for Magazine Advertising

Congratulations, you have decided to advertise in print! Of course, with Business Edge News Magazine, that also means you have an integrated campaign that includes various digital platforms.

Now all that is left is to determine what size of advertisement to select. Although this sounds like an easy decision, your choice from the varying sizes of ads can have a huge impact on effectiveness. If your business needs to convey more with plenty of images and text, a larger advertisement is obviously the best option. On the other hand, if you require something minimal and inexpensive (and can get creative) that allows you to advertise more often, then smaller ads are a good choice. Below are the price benefits of each ad size. One-time advertising rates with Business Edge News Magazine are highlighted, but keep in mind that repetition is an important aspect of advertising and discounts come with frequency.

Full-Page Ad

If you have a large advertising budget, or if print is your primary focus, a full-page ad is the best option available. This size can make a huge impact and will be almost impossible for readers to ignore. A full-page ad forces the reader to take a look in order for them to flip the page and continue reading. A full-page ad also allows you to convey more information and take advantage of the space by advertising all you need in order to pique your prospective customers’ interest (key selling points, images, special deals, etc.). All Business Edge News Magazine ads include full colour, so this enables you to have stunning, attention-grabbing images that are guaranteed to be noticed. We have an award-winning designer here to help – and his services are also included in your ad price. Include your website and social media handles so customers can find you online, convey what you can do for your target audience, and offer the reader a call to action.

Business Edge News Magazine Full page rates:

  • One of BC/AB/ON = $5,440
  • Two of BC/AB/ON = $8,160
  • BC, AB, and ON = $10,880
  • National (BC/AB/SK/MB/ON) = $11,968

Half-Page Ad

Depending on the type of business, a half-page ad could be all you need. It may not be budget that is in question, but rather what size best suits your business goals and message. When a half-page ad size is selected, you have the option to include plenty of information about your business without overwhelming the reader. This size is large enough to provide quality information and small enough to be positioned along editorial articles in the publication. Good additions to these ad sizes may be testimonials, price packages, or ways to get in touch (social media, website, and phone). Ensure your ad is clear, concise, and has a call to action. Half-page ads are also excellent for showing a detailed image. Say your business does wall murals, you would want an ad large enough to properly showcase what you do.

Business Edge News Magazine half-page ad rates:

  • One of BC/AB/ON = $2,720
  • Two of BC/AB/ON = $4,080
  • BC, AB, and ON = $5,440
  • National (BC/AB/SK/MB/ON) = $5,984

¼-Page Ad

If you desire an ad that can easily convey your business message while staying within a modest budget, a ¼-page ad can be just what the doctor ordered. Of course, you need to ensure that your ad is interesting enough for people to look, and has a strong enough message for them to want more. It is smaller ads like these that give you the opportunity to leave readers with a question (eg. “Want to know how to reach decision makers at hundreds of thousands of businesses across Canada?”). When you leave them wondering, “How DO I reach those people?” you have opened the door and welcomed readers to reach out for more info. One mistake businesses make is giving it all away right away; the reader has no motivation to further investigate your business and discover what else you do. Quarter-page ads are also a nice size to be paired with a complimentary company (or a few) and to add a visual aid to longer articles in a paper – giving you prime position on a page people are already reading.

Business Edge News Magazine ¼-page ad rates:

  • One of BC/AB/ON = $1,360
  • Two of BC/AB/ON = $2,040
  • BC, AB, and ON = $2,720
  • National (BC/AB/SK/MB/ON) = $2,992

1/8-Page Ad

If budget is a hard stop, you are trying things out, or you want to have teaser snippet ads more often throughout the year, then the 1/8-page ads can do the trick. The ad is just enough room for you to convey a concise message about your business along with your contact information. It is relatively inexpensive and allows small businesses to execute an ongoing campaign, thereby invoking the power of repetition. Keep in mind that the smaller the advertisement, the more competition that will be included on the page. It is beneficial to have an ad that is of a colour and text that will naturally draw the eye. If your ad is a simple black and white with Times New Roman font, it will be easily overlooked (unless you get very creative, or ultra minimal). It is with these small ads that, if you are able to pull in the reader, you know you have a very strong message.

Business Edge News Magazine 1/8-page rates:

  • One of BC/AB/ON = $680
  • Two of BC/AB/ON = $1,020
  • BC, AB, and ON = $1,360
  • National (BC/AB/SK/MB/ON) = $1,496

Once you have selected your idea ad size and designed your engaging ad (or had us design one for you), having your ad run in Business Edge News Magazine will do the rest. With direct delivery of the hard-copy edition to an unrivalled 157,000+ businesses across Western and Central Canada, and numerous digital platforms to boo(s)t, your business is guaranteed to be seen by a massive audience. In the independently conducted Business Edge Readership Survey, of those who read Business Edge, it was found that 62% have purchased or followed up on something they saw advertised. Contact us today to get your ad in the next issue!

Looking for a different ad size that is not mentioned above? Want your company to be profiled in the publication? Business Edge News Magazine offers options that are just right for your business. Contact ads@businessedge.ca or 403 769 9359 for more information.